25 août

As we begin, some don’t know each other, some stress, a try to calm it down, an introduction for each one, talking about our hobbies, stress calmed down.
Studying a major we don’t like, experiencing hard moment, wet eyes replaced by a lot of smiles and joy, some interruptions, offering a chair, guiding two persons to where they want to go, not well prepared but it doesn’t matter, want to create a club because of the things passed by, bad fact: underestimating himself.
Not from the same city but motivated to know new people, a calm well listener, trying to settle the situations where understanding drops away.
Studying a major we don’t like, a very good person, giving value to people, and try to learn from them the maximum, passionate about languages for a reason, an ocean of feelings, believer in destiny.
A very positive, passionate about fashion like a hipster, forced to practise something and accepting it for the happiness of the ones he cares about the most, beginning to study something not appreciable but by time it becomes, often want to be right but doesn’t make him bad, just human, just like convinced that money can solve all problems.
Hard to describe, because it self, always trying to show the best of what knowing inside, put her noise in everything, in virtual as in real, sharing all what she knows, passionate about languages, encourage and thanks and excuses.
As by time we changed three times our places, the circle changes, the turn takes another destination, letting the last speaker the loudest, some words in native language, because of the lack prepared, as not pre-programmed.
If about books, philosophy of Descartes was present, to explain that this kind of English books is deep to read, and when read in French it details things as if it’s now talking, Rich dad poor dad was also noticed when talking about money, and debating that’s everything in nowadays life, The wolves of wall streets was also mentioned as we’ve been talking about money.
We’re all students and we know that we’re not considered as well as that, teachers are not all good, speaking about the fact hating the major because of them wasn’t long but it took place, not all their fault to be bad, we also are, speaking about cheating ourselves and explaining that fact to the others, dreams and good expectations killed.
Administration and its politics to make the student a failure, wondering to create a club to receive some extra opportunities is the intention of one, wishing to grow up.
Exams not very far but all of them enjoying and distracting with an analysis game, not knowing it origin, but all are into it, hopefully they find something to do in groups, that made you happy for them.
This was Discuss first, and it was amazing!

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