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Le virtuel

29 déc

De nos jours les réseaux sociaux ciblent nos jeunes et leur diffusent des informations, et ces derniers négligent souvent une étape très importante à analyser, sont ces informations correctes ou pas? c’est rare ou on revient à la source d’où vient la nouvelle, et c’est encore plus rare d’en scruter sa confirmation. Dans cet article […]

كتاب و عبر

11 déc

لَقد غيٌرت مجرى حياتي باكملِه، لم اكُن اتوقع يوما ان قراءةً من قراءآت النادرَة بلغَتي الأم،سيكون لها اثر كهذا،نظرتي للحياة الآن هي نظرة متردد وتائه في عالم لا يدرك فيه اي شيء،كل الوقائع التي ظننتها صحيحة تأكدت في هذين اليومين انها ليست كذلك، ترددت في تقبلي افكار جديدة او بالاحرى لم اتقبل في الماضي رؤية […]

Advertising Article

10 déc

This is an article written by a person who is very interested in sciences not to learn them all but to report them, as a human being I love to share stories of persons to show how brave they are, I am a documentaries lover and one of the recent documentaries I’ve seen was about […]


10 déc

I get bored from those same people, who in their virtual life are hundred of times perfect than in their real life,it’s becoming the 21th century’s biggest problem,how to face people, how to accept personalities as they are not as others want them to be,it’s so insane to be posting a bunch of scientific results […]


10 déc

Hands shaking,feet on wall, comfortable not knowing me as always,but I’m here still here, just a head up and you’ll see me,it’s okay not working in exams don’t worry, here we go so you’re going and I don’t even know you, but you’re beautiful,it’s your beauty that attracts me, it’s sad to say that image […]

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