10 déc

I get bored from those same people, who in their virtual life are hundred of times perfect than in their real life,it’s becoming the 21th century’s biggest problem,how to face people, how to accept personalities as they are not as others want them to be,it’s so insane to be posting a bunch of scientific results discovered lastly and not knowing about what it’s talking,or sharing a poetry purely literature without knowing how to pronounce the word awkward correctly, life is becoming hard,people are too, it’s just because everyone want to show itself as it’s the perfect one,hopefully there’s no perfect in this worldly life,and of course it’s in the hereafter, but we as believers think like that, what about the disbelievers they belong to that same world and they’re free of having faith or not,but what we’re seeing is that those disbelievers are behaving as if they’re understanding the sense of oneness, they just need to be guided,and if the guide is wrong? The party’s over!
Moreover, disbelievers are not our enemies, they are are good friends, the ones who remember us how lucky we are of understanding a dark sense of human reason of being.
I should say in that long article how many lies I’ve been believing those 6 last years,nobody cares about us, what we’re posting or what we’re realizing, we’re loser people who once created a virtual account forget to see friendship as friendship and respect as respect and love as love and so on, NOBODY CARES EXCEPT MOM AND DAD,there come moments in life where you’ll not be able, or ready to face yourself and say, that thing I’m living is just a test and I’m losing it by wasting my time here in social media jumping from Facebook to Instagram to WhatsApp to….did you ask yourself why do I pay network ratio each month? It just because you’re addicted of something that becomes for you the revolution of the century, it isn’t just about freedom it’s about having the control on it, and as explained in the wolf of wall street it’s like putting your foot on hot water,first it’s overheated,it’s changing the temperature, but when reputed in that same area it’s so pleasant and comfortable, so is networking!
One difference,when your foot on hot water you’re the only one getting relaxed, but in networking you’re the only one victim!
Enjoy life,smile always!

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  1. Abderrahim 22 février 2021 à 12:56 #

    I enjoyed reading this, keep going!

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