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Best of  Reclaim your heart By Yasmin Mogahed

This happens because the gift is in our heart, while Allah
is in our hand. And what is in the hand can be put aside
easily. What is in the heart, we cannot live without—and
would sacrifice anything to have. But sooner or later we
need to ask ourselves what it is that we really worship:
The gift or the Giver? The beauty or the Source and
Definition of Beauty? The provision or the Provider?
The creation or the Creator?

Ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have
mercy on his soul, spoke of when he said: ‘Truly, there is
a Heaven in this world, [and] whoever does not enter it,
will not enter the Heaven of the next world.’

As `Ali (ra) expressed beautifully, “Detachment
is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should
own you.”

“What relationship do I have with this world? I am in this
world like a rider who halts in the shade of a tree for a
short time, and after taking some rest, resumes his journey
leaving the tree behind.” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi)

A message I’ve got when practising Daa’wa

I feel like there has to be more than coincidence than 4.3 billion years of miracles for me for end up where I am.

For the stars to be positioned in space as they are, for their to be an adequate amount of radiation for the elements necessary for life to exist but not too much to exterminate us, for Jupiter to be so great in mass that it protects us from asteroids, for us to be just the right distance from the sun to benefit from its warmth but not overheat.

I feel like consciousness is a gift and for nature to behave the way it does it a work of art. So to believe all of that is just coincidence is inconceivable.

But at the same time I believe men are so corrupt and full of lies and manipulation for their own rewards and benefits that I can’t believe what they have to say.

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