GI601 Lessons during the second semester

19 mai

The GI601 is a module of the transversal unity of the industrial engineering 3rd year bachelor degree classes at the university of Tlemcen, college of technology, that has been taught to us by Miss ….., in which we had the pleasure to assist to it and learn a lot of interesting tips about academic writing.

This English module was taught once a week in period of 9 weeks for 2 hours each session, during the first week ( on 31/03/2021) we have tackled a lesson about : essay structure, we have learned for example : “that the key to writing a essay is understanding and researching the question and for that we need to : read the questions carefully, research the question and look for appropriate sources, list the titles of possible materials to use, and take notes from the materials selected”, we’ve also learned a lot about using the voices of experts to support our opinion “ the direct voice, the indirect voice and the external voice”, and of course many exercises were made in order to practise these different writing techniques.

During the second week (on 07/04/2021) we continued practising by exercises, and unfortunately and due to some network issues, we’ve wasted a long time on getting in touch with the teacher, but we had to accept the situation, as we all know with the covid-19 pandemic all we have to do is to: stay positive, so that why the teacher decided to give us a homework to do in order to keep us working and developing our skills!

During the third week (on 14/04/2021) we have learned about sentence structure and have made exercises as well, we’ve mostly talked about dependant and independent clauses, as well as complex sentences, and how they are linked together by a subordinate conjunction, I remember that day I was having a voice issues so I had to write keywords of what the teacher has been telling, and at the end of the lesson I had to link between what I’ve written, but the result wouldn’t come out and there was still some points I couldn’t understand, so I needed to ask some of my classmates to help me on that, that they were kindly very helpful.

At the end of the third week, we started learning about compound sentences, but we didn’t have time to learn that much about them, so it was on the fourth week (on 21/04/2021) we have done the lesson with much more details, and I have to say that our teacher always tries to remember us of what we’ve done during all the previous weeks, that what really helped me fresh my memory each Wednesday, since we study each Wednesday English.

Time for tests and exams, the first test took place on the fifth week on 28/04/2021 but unfortunately wasn’t taking into consideration due to the considerable rate of cheating, so the test has been reported to 06/05/2021.

During the lesson of the sixth week (05/05/2021) the teacher had told us that it was a real mess to see how students aren’t serious about the lessons, and I completely agree on that, but whatever, in the other side there’s still other students who take these lessons seriously, fortunately!

We continued our lessons as normally as usual and we’ve talked about the six steps of a writing process, and we’ve learned about: topic sentence, supporting sentences and concluding sentence, we’ve also learned about the techniques to develop a paragraph: by examples, details and explanation, then we had to pass our reported test the day after.

On the seventh week the day before the Eid, on 12//05/2021 the teacher gave us an idea about our marks, telling us that our marks aren’t really important if we were participating during the semester, we had a correction and summarized what we’ve been learning so far, and of course we made exercises that day too.

And here we’re on the eighth week (19/05/2021), passing a second test in which we had to write an essay about what we have learned in GI601. We still have another lesson on 26/05/2021 that will be the last lesson of this second semester, and I’m sure that we still have a lot of things to learn.

At the end I wanted to thank our teacher for her efforts, I really enjoyed attending to the lessons, and it was more than a grammar lessons of English, it was an amazing opportunity to learn and enjoy many things, so thank you.


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