Technological advances

19 mai

Technology has changed our lives in many ways, it provides us with many interesting things, from the most complicated processes to the simplest ones, multiple solutions were suggested, some of them are out of usage now, others we can’t even detach from them, and here comes the question: has technological advances change the world to the better or to the worst?

Processed foods, invisible waves surrounding us 24 hours a day , social media and fake news, consumption due to targeted marketing, cybercrimes.. these are just few examples of what is happening around us, which let only few of us think about, because nowadays we’re more proud to live in that technological era than living in a so called traditionnal way.

This video is a proof that even with technology some algorithms are made by some racist minds, and no matter the advances that we have been witnessing, there still a lot of work to think about and to DO !


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