How to be happy? Share your philosophy…

30 juin

⁠Three things to work on :
⁠Your relation with The Creator of the universe : Believe in the beauty of life and the power of its Creator, believe that in a short amout of time everything can change, but always believe that it changes to the better !

⁠Yourself : Accept who you are, don’t overthink, sleep well, breath deeply and Smile !

⁠Also your relation with others : Help others without wondering for a reward, you can help by the simplest thing you own : a sincere word, and keep in mind that throughout this life we’ll meet so many people, some of them will remain in our memories forever, it’s okay to love them peacefully and accept whatever decision they make toward the friendship that you’ve built together, just understand that each story is unique to be accepted as it is !

And the most important thing, stay true to yourself !

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