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Some statistics from 6 years of blogging

30 sept

  A German entrepreneur visited my blog few months ago and gave me a very honest feedback, corrected some of my mistakes and asked me why not thinking to start a career using it since he was in the content creation field, and it was one of the reasons why I decided to start a […]

Nine days in a row writing !

30 sept

  Today’s post will be a little bit different then usual, after 9 days of intensive writing work I wanted to share my experience. Next post also will be about some statistics about Moon’s blog that was published on August 2015 (already celebrating its sixth year ! ) Our French teacher in middle school was […]

Easy, smile !

30 sept

Sometimes we get into some bad moments, but it’s always easy to smile (if we want to) it doesn’t require a huge effort, just believe that you have to fake it until you’ll make it, it works for a smile, it’s begins as a joke but ends with being grateful. Maybe in our lives we […]

Small habits make big impact

30 sept

t’s very important to celebrate each achievement we do in our life, and the best way to celebrate is to mark each daily activity. Making a to do list each day, and check each element little by little during the day to finally be able to summarize your day, will give you a clear idea […]

What kind of activities you do to get crafty ?

30 sept

Is it so important to find an activity to chill with from time to time, or everyday if you have some daily free time. With all the screens, stress, work and daily goals sometimes we forget how important is the present moment. We usually think that a passion is innate, but some people don’t have […]

To what extent can the human be good to other species ?

30 sept

I was once walking to my college when an international student stopped me asking if I did see a dog in the neighborhood, I usually remark dogs but that day I didn’t see any, I’ve answered, and then got asked again : « is there any law in your country to save dogs who are lost, […]

A story behind a flag

30 sept

I had the pleasure to exchange a little bit with Rob about the beautiful island in the British Isles, I was very surprised to know that no cases of covid 19 has been registered there, just imagine the whole world facing the pandemic except where you live : Isle of Man ! Pretty cool, no? […]

The superpower of giving good feedbacks to others when you appreciate their work.

30 sept

Sometimes we forget how it can be encouraging to share our thoughts on people’s work, I usually receive some feedbacks from people who read my articles, and it helps me create more and correct my mistakes. On December I received a feedback from a person who’s not part of this world anymore unfortunately, I really […]

La réalité fait peur

11 fév

Dans un milieu encombrant d’informations, ouvrez vos réseaux sociaux, vous vous trouverez dans une boucle gigantesteque infinie , ou chacun veut donner son point de vue, et vous aussi, ça vous passe par l’esprit parfois de tout quitter, de ne plus rien lire, vous sentez que votre temps est tout ce qui vous est de plus […]

Le virtuel

29 déc

De nos jours les réseaux sociaux ciblent nos jeunes et leur diffusent des informations, et ces derniers négligent souvent une étape très importante à analyser, sont ces informations correctes ou pas? c’est rare ou on revient à la source d’où vient la nouvelle, et c’est encore plus rare d’en scruter sa confirmation. Dans cet article […]


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