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How to be happy? Share your philosophy…

30 juin

⁠Three things to work on : ⁠Your relation with The Creator of the universe : Believe in the beauty of life and the power of its Creator, believe that in a short amout of time everything can change, but always believe that it changes to the better ! ​ ⁠Yourself : Accept who you are, […]

GI601 Lessons during the second semester

19 mai

The GI601 is a module of the transversal unity of the industrial engineering 3rd year bachelor degree classes at the university of Tlemcen, college of technology, that has been taught to us by Miss ….., in which we had the pleasure to assist to it and learn a lot of interesting tips about academic writing. […]


7 fév

Best of  Reclaim your heart By Yasmin Mogahed This happens because the gift is in our heart, while Allah is in our hand. And what is in the hand can be put aside easily. What is in the heart, we cannot live without—and would sacrifice anything to have. But sooner or later we need to ask […]

Advertising Article

10 déc

This is an article written by a person who is very interested in sciences not to learn them all but to report them, as a human being I love to share stories of persons to show how brave they are, I am a documentaries lover and one of the recent documentaries I’ve seen was about […]


10 déc

I get bored from those same people, who in their virtual life are hundred of times perfect than in their real life,it’s becoming the 21th century’s biggest problem,how to face people, how to accept personalities as they are not as others want them to be,it’s so insane to be posting a bunch of scientific results […]

What’s next?

25 août

22sd February was a day of revolution for the Algerian nation, it was a day where all citizens formed a pacific sword to fight the corrupted system with a creative ‘tifous’ and amazing pan cards, so can we consider this day as a beginning of new decade? Well first of all this article is written […]

Anthony a story of a Success

25 août

Can you tell me about your religion? In one word I’d like to say : Safety ! If I’ll detail I’ll said : Muslim’s faith is stronger than its desire! And if I’ll talk about I’ll said: The image of Islam is wrong If you want me to explain more I’ll do it! There’s real […]


25 août

As we begin, some don’t know each other, some stress, a try to calm it down, an introduction for each one, talking about our hobbies, stress calmed down. Studying a major we don’t like, experiencing hard moment, wet eyes replaced by a lot of smiles and joy, some interruptions, offering a chair, guiding two persons […]

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